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Welcome To My World!

My name is Amada Gonzalez and Mistyck Moon is my creative brand name. On top of being a photographer and artist, I am also a writer and I write about anything that I find inspiration to write about.

I started writing at the age of 12 and my original writing was poetry. At that age, I loved the works of Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Frost, E.E. Cummings, Walt Whitman and so many other famous poets of the past. As an adult, my favorite poet was and always will be Maya Angelou. I feel honored to have known such a passionate poet and writer during my lifetime.

These days most of my writing are more into inspirational article writing and writing of my own thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I love sharing my world through words and images and I hope you enjoy my life journey as I share them here with you. Not only will I be sharing my random articles and essays, but I will also add poetry that I have not shared with anyone in many, many years. I may even share my own personal story from tragedy to triumph…. but that one is a very hard one for me to share because of the painful memories I often prefer to leave behind. Perhaps I will only share that story with those of you who support my work through PayPal or by going to my photography and art website and ordering prints of my work. Links to all my pages will be posted at the end of every post that I share. I hope you all enjoy your time on my page and feel free to contact me through my fb page if you have any questions.

You can click on the links on the left to view any of my post pages.

Peace, Love, and Happiness To All!

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