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Multiplicity is a state in which many people share one physical body. Being multiple means that one exists as part of a group of people, with all the benefits and drawbacks and challenges that any other group of people would have.

Although this has been known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) and Disassociative Identity Disorder (DID) I do not like using these labels. Both of these not only rely on the word disorder but DID also implies that there is only one person who has a delusion that there are others.Interestingly enough, DID is a diagnosis used only in the United States.

Some people may also believe that a Multiplicity is a form of Schizophrenia. Not so because Schizophrenia is a biochemical condition (actually several similar conditions)which causes thought disorders. It can be treated by medication, and in some cases by psychotherapy and changes in diet. Although the name comes from the Greek words for “split personality” it is not the same as being multiple.

I have been asked many times if medications work on multiples? No, medication cannot be used to cure multiplicity. Many doctors give anti-psychotic medication to people who report being multiple or have experiences (e.g., hearing subjective voices)that might indicate they are multiple. Medication is supposed to suppress the experiences so that the patient can work on what the clinician considers real-life issues. The drugs prescribed to treat mental conditions not only do not work, but make things worse for a multiple group either by making the body or one person (also known as an altar) sick, or many times hinders communication. Different altars in a multiple group may react very differently to the same medication. It’s common for even simple painkillers or antibiotics to work fine for one person in the system, but not for another. This can make diagnosis and treatment difficult, because the person who is ill must be found, and made to occupy the body enough for the medication to work on them.

Not all multiples experience this sort of division of physical symptoms, though. Many times, the body itself has an illness or condition such as an allergy, and whoever is out occupying the body has to deal with it. At times, certain altars may come up front when the body has a certain illness because they are better able at handling that illness. In this case, medication usually works fine no matter who takes it.


It is possible to know or discover that you are multiple without having been diagnosed by a professional.I have spoken to others who have multiplicity and have also read reports that stated that they knew of each other all along, or became aware at some point in their lives that there were others sharing their body with them.These self-recognized multiples are often shy of disclosing, because of popular preconceived notions about multiplicity. Although I myself was diagnosed in my 20′s by a professional. I have always known that something was not quite right. I had a constant loss of time and often finding myself in places and not knowing how I arrived there or what I was doing there. But a professional diagnosis does not guarantee anything, and the lack of it does not mean anything either. Multiplicity is still something that many professionals are still trying to understand and learn about. Many are not ready to handle this diagnosis.

There are many myths associated with Multiplicity. For example, many believe that all multiplicity is merely a denial of memories. Based on Cornelia Wilbur‘s theory that multiplicity originates when a single person, most often a child, suffers traumatic harm and is forced to split his or her mind into many parts to hold those memories, this idea is not always quite accurate. Wilbur believed the myth that just passing a memory around will heal everything and allow the shattered pieces to reform into a single whole person. While there are a very few multiples who report this as being true for them, I have found that it does not always work. People in multiple systems can experience memories, accept that something happened to them, and still feel in clear possession of self-identity, just as a single person can. When you remember something you haven’t thought of for a long time, do you stop being who you are? No, and it’s the same for multiples. Forget what you have seen on television: retrieving a memory does not always overturn a person’s sense of self.

Another Myth is that everybody has different sides to their personality and you are merely mistaking them for people. This is the farthest from the truth as you can get.The people in multiple systems have different aspects to their personalities.They’re as complex as anyone else. But that doesn’t mean that each person in the system is a part of a “main, whole or “real” person. This is not just about behaving differently when you’re with your kids than when you’re at work these persons that are sharing the same body have their own lives and memories. They are all individuals that just happen to be sharing the same body. They become as complete as people who are walking around outside. They have their own preferences and ideas on things. They are people. They’re just like you. There is no serious reason to believe that people inside a system are any different from people outside it.

When I made the decision to educate not only myself but others around me about my condition, I was often told that I was “brave.” Others wanted to know why I decided to make this public. The reasons why is this: Because I and others like myself want to stop living a lie; because we want to stop letting our friends believe in a lie when we have the choice to do otherwise. We want to be your friends and talk to you as our individual selves, not cram everyone into some single identity through which to interact with you. We want to be accepted and understood as we are. That we have several people who occupy our one body and that those who share the same body are their own individual persons. They are not me (us)- They are very different from who I am because they are NOT me. They have their own names, ages, memories, likes and dislikes and beliefs. Also, I as a writer with Multiplicity want to show everyone that we are not some mental case. I consider myself to be both intelligent and just as stable as anyone else. I just happen to be the owner of a body that host several other individual personalities.











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