Finding Our Way Home


This blog is about getting help to be able to return to our home on the road

First, let me begin by saying that this blog is not about money but about getting just a little help in finding another home on wheels. Scott and I have been saving and we do have enough saved up for a used home but not enough for a decent one yet. Our goal is to find a small RV or camper van that we can fix up ourselves. We are even considering a small shuttle bus with a front passenger seat. Let me share our story with you.

Scott and I were high school sweethearts. We met in NYC as teenagers and we were both in the JROTC after school program. We fell in love and we were each other’s first love. Unfortunately, Scott had to move back to Maine. He promised me that he was going to come back for me, that he wanted to marry me…. but being so young, I didn’t believe him. So I graduated high school and I left NY. I started hitchhiking around the country. Life took us in different directions. But 28 years later, we found one another again on facebook. We have now been reunited once again for 5 years and our love is just as strong and even stronger than it was back then.

After our first year together, we decided to become nomads and travel the country while living full time in a van. In 2014, we purchased a 1995 Chevy G20 conversion van and our journey began. We both landed jobs working in Yellowstone National Park during the summer and we worked in Death Valley during the winter. Eventually, our health took a toll and we could no longer do the jobs we were hired to do. But we continued our life on the road in our van with the little income I was getting from disability.

DSC_0039 (2)

I am passionate about photography and capturing the beauty of this beautiful country we live in. That was the primary reason for living on the road full time. All the images you see here were taken by me while we were on the road. I will post a link to my photography and art page below. This is what I miss so much. Being surrounded by nature is where my soul truly feels free. It is the only place I ever felt like I belonged and there is a large community of full-time van dwellers and RVers that live this beautiful life as well. And no, it doesn’t cost any more to live on the road than living in a traditional home. In fact, we find it more affordable. The only bills we had were gas, insurance, and food. We were not tied down to rent or a mortgage or utility bills on top of buying food, gas and paying insurance. Living on the road is truly a life of freedom.

When we came to Maine last year so Scott can visit his daughter and granddaughter, Our van completely died on us beyond what we could afford to fix. Having traveled and stayed in warmer temperatures, we forgot about putting antifreeze in the van and on one night when the wind chill was 30 below, everything froze and busted. So we had to remain here in Maine until we could save up enough for another home on wheels.

Both Scott and I are disabled. We have mobility problems so walking gets a little hard at times. But we love being out in the woods and camping. We have not been able to do any of the things that we love to do since being here in Maine. We have not had any transportation to get around and unfortunately, the family could not help. Because our hearts and spirits are nourished when we are out on the road, not being able to get around or be back on the road has been devastating. We are both now suffering from severe depression. Losing our van- our home on wheels to us is the equivalent of a homeowner losing their home to a fire or natural disaster. The road is our home.



This year Scott and I WILL return home. We just cannot handle another winter here. Our plans are to leave here in May, head down south to visit my sons before heading back out west. We will travel the Northwest during the summer and head Southwest during the winter.  I will be sharing my journey through my photography and hoping to inspire people to visit these beautiful places. When you are out in nature and see these places, it’s like all your troubles just melt away and all the problems of the world no longer exist. We meet people from all walks of life and I have made so many wonderful friends this way. That is what this life is all about, to inspire others, to share a love and feel united as humans. In nature, you are not influenced by the media or modern technology. Our needs remain basic and we live a life of minimalism. It is such a beautiful life for us and all we want to do is get back to living that life once again.

We need help in finding just the right home on wheels and getting it to us. It is almost impossible to find a decent vehicle here in Maine that we can live in that doesn’t have the frame rotted from all the snow and ice and salt.  We have a little money to purchase something used but not enough for something in great shape. What would be perfect is if someone has a van or small RV or small shuttle bus that they are willing to donate. If they are willing to bring it to us here in Maine, we will be willing to pay for their transportation to return home. You can also help by purchasing one of my photographs or artwork on the link below, that way, we can try to raise enough money so if we have to travel ourselves to pick it up, we can rent a U-Haul van to get there. By purchasing some of my work you will help us raise the money we need. I am not looking for any monetary donations, just help in getting my hands on another home on wheels so we can get back home on the road. It is all we want to do and it is where we belong. Please be sure that you share this with everyone you know. You never know whose heart God will touch and we could really use a blessing right now.  Thank you! Be sure to check out the links below and enjoy my pictures.







You can contact me through my facebook page or send me an email








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Mistyck Moon

I am a freelance Photographer, Artist, writer and I love sharing the beauty of the world around us through all of my work. I am also a self-proclaimed old hippie. I love my life on the road and it is through my travels that I can bring you amazing photographs and art. My photography reflects my time on the road having worked in Yellowstone National Park, The Grand Tetons and Death Valley National Park. I also spent a winter in Quartzsite Arizona. I love being surrounded by the beauty of nature and sharing that beauty with everyone. Keep checking on my work because I will continually bring you more amazing photographs from all over. My artwork is always uniquely freehand and colorful. There is no rhyme or reason to my patterns. My hand draws whatever feels right. At times I will take one of my hand created artwork and change it digitally. I try to make my work into conversation pieces or work that leaves you wondering. The meaning of my art is anything you need it to mean.I will continually be adding more new pieces of art so be sure not to miss out on any of my work. I hope you enjoy my work. Keep living a life of freedom that overflows with Peace, Love and Happiness! Be sure not to miss out on any new additions. Add me as a friend on my facebook page where I will be updating daily new additions:

2 thoughts on “Finding Our Way Home”

  1. Your beauty showing God`s work is beautiful my friend.I will pray that yours and Scott`s dream comes true. God knows your wants and desires and he can provide you everything in time.


    1. Thank you Sara,
      When I first got the idea to live on the road and capture the beauty of God’s world It was just something that really hit my spirit and for the longest time I kept ignoring it because even to me it seemed crazy. But God kept putting it in my heart and I suddenly found people who were already living this life and they began to encourage me. We managed to find our van in 2014 and started our life on the road. It was an old van with a lot of problems but it did bless us with almost three years on the road. It finally broke down completely when we arrived in Maine and the cost to get it back in running condition was a couple of thousands. We wound up selling it for parts. Now we have started building a decent savings for a new home on wheels. We are ready to head back home on the road as soon as we find another home on wheels. finding a decent one here in Maine has been quite challenging so I have to reach out to see if anyone could connect us to a good one near their area.


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