Celebrating International Women’s Day


Today We celebrate International Women’s day. During a time of the #MeToo movement, women today have have risen like a The great Phoenix  that symbolizes renewal and resurrection.  Today Our voices are heard, Our power is felt and we will never return to the silence of the past. 

phoenix rising from Flames conjure summon phoenix fire bird beautiful sun bird phoenix bennu feng shui real magic

Many years ago, I wrote a couple of poems dedicated to being a woman. It was during a time when we were rarely heard or acknowledged. Today I am sharing these poems with you. Poetry was my first form of expression as a teenager and I have quite a large file of my poems over the years. I hope to publish them someday. Below are the both poems I wrote in my early 20’s. I hope you enjoy them. 


I Am A Woman

I am a woman of many talents…..
A woman of intelligence never understood.
I am a woman with a soul
That reaches beyond the stars
to feel what others feel…..
But I am never sought out.
I am a woman lost in a world
of self-greed and self-gain
because all I want to do is give.
I am a Woman
a mother and a wife…..
I am a teacher, a cook, and a doctor;
I am a disciplinarian and a problem solver.
I am an unending provider
for the needs of others-
a constant supply of love and care;
I am a woman that the world
may never know about…..
A valuable soul lost
to this selfish world.
A creator of Life…..
I am a Woman.

©Mistyck Moon






Soft and gentle is her touch,
Owing to the world- not much.
Beauty in her bosom lies;
Untold secrets in her eyes.
Dead things seem to come alive;
Woman helped the world survive;
She who nursed both you and me-
Gave us love then set us free.
No other creature can compare
To this woman’s tender loving care.
For she takes the wilted flower-
Gives it life within the hour.
This woman who has done so much
Goodness with her tender touch.
Arms that rock a child to sleep-
Gives you all her love to keep.
Graceful as a swan is she,
Busy as a honey-bee.
Give her love through all her days-
She who has loved so many ways.
Beauty in her heart does lie;
Untold secrets in her eyes.

©Mistyck Moon









Published by

Mistyck Moon

I am a freelance Photographer, Artist, writer and I love sharing the beauty of the world around us through all of my work. I am also a self-proclaimed old hippie. I love my life on the road and it is through my travels that I can bring you amazing photographs and art. My photography reflects my time on the road having worked in Yellowstone National Park, The Grand Tetons and Death Valley National Park. I also spent a winter in Quartzsite Arizona. I love being surrounded by the beauty of nature and sharing that beauty with everyone. Keep checking on my work because I will continually bring you more amazing photographs from all over. My artwork is always uniquely freehand and colorful. There is no rhyme or reason to my patterns. My hand draws whatever feels right. At times I will take one of my hand created artwork and change it digitally. I try to make my work into conversation pieces or work that leaves you wondering. The meaning of my art is anything you need it to mean.I will continually be adding more new pieces of art so be sure not to miss out on any of my work. I hope you enjoy my work. Keep living a life of freedom that overflows with Peace, Love and Happiness! Be sure not to miss out on any new additions. Add me as a friend on my facebook page where I will be updating daily new additions: https://www.facebook.com/mistyck.moon.16

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