Sunrise Walks, Sunset Dreams

As the early morning sun rises, I rise with it.

There is just something so peaceful and so magical when you get up to greet the sun, watching the landscape come alive with color. The peacefulness and quiet that surrounds you just fills your spirit and calms your soul. There is a connection with nature that so few take time to experience in life. The earth overflows with so much positive energy and we are surrounded by it. You just have to slow down, breathe, look around and just feel. Allow your mind to block out humanity’s nagativities and immerse in nature’s possibilities and peace. It is all around you, you just have to be willing to see and feel this beauty.

The photos below are pictures I took past couple of mornings while camping in Ehrenberg, Arizona. We have been camping in this area for about a month now and I do love the beauty of this place.

As day begins to turn to night, sunset is just as spectacular in the desert landscape. It forces you to stop and take it all in with awe and amazement. I love the Arizona desert and how diverse it really is. The landscape changes with each region, some places rich in vegetation while others are rocky, and dusty with burrs that lie in wait for an unsuspecting step from a person or pet. But regardless of the region or landscape, one thing remains the same… the desert skies are fiery, bright, and breathtaking at sunset. It puts our soul to rest as it beckons us goodnight and sweet dreams.








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Mistyck Moon

I am a freelance Photographer, Artist, writer and I love sharing the beauty of the world around us through all of my work. I am also a self-proclaimed old hippie. I love my life on the road and it is through my travels that I can bring you amazing photographs and art. My photography reflects my time on the road having worked in Yellowstone National Park, The Grand Tetons and Death Valley National Park. I also spent a winter in Quartzsite Arizona. I love being surrounded by the beauty of nature and sharing that beauty with everyone. Keep checking on my work because I will continually bring you more amazing photographs from all over. My artwork is always uniquely freehand and colorful. There is no rhyme or reason to my patterns. My hand draws whatever feels right. At times I will take one of my hand created artwork and change it digitally. I try to make my work into conversation pieces or work that leaves you wondering. The meaning of my art is anything you need it to mean.I will continually be adding more new pieces of art so be sure not to miss out on any of my work. I hope you enjoy my work. Keep living a life of freedom that overflows with Peace, Love and Happiness! Be sure not to miss out on any new additions. Add me as a friend on my facebook page where I will be updating daily new additions:

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