What Being A Christian Means To Me

I don’t often speak about my faith. Not because I feel ashamed or worry about what other people may think of me. Their opinion of me is not my problem but a reflection of the kind of person that they are. I don’t normally speak about my faith out of respect to what others believe. I never want to sound as if I am preachy and my beliefs as a Christian does not fall into the normal idealism of Christianity. But I do follow what I feel God places in my heart. Many times it isn’t what other Christian’s believe, it is simply what I know is God’s message for me is and the life He has blessed me with.

Many of today’s Christians have actually tainted what being a true Christian really means. Many who call themselves Christians, fail miserably at being a Christian. They live life in the judgment of others and believe themselves to be better than those less fortunate. They preach the word of God but fail in living the word of God. Instead of reaching out and helping someone in need or in distress, they tell them they should just pray to God for their needs. They fail to realize that God has already answered their need by placing that person before them. We ARE ALL a blessing to others… WE are God’s answered prayers for those in need. And when you walk away by telling them to pray or that you will keep them in your prayers, then you have failed as a Christian.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not true of all Christian’s. There are more who truly live by the Gods words than those who don’t. But like everything else in our society, it is the negative that is often on display and highlighted. Not one of us as humans are or ever will be perfect in this world. We all fail miserably to be the best that we can be at some point in our lives. But when you are finally able to rise up and see the good in this world, when you feel true joy by depriving yourself of what you need or what you may want in order to give to someone else what they need… that is the moment you have become the hand of God.

When you tell someone in need to pray because God will provide for their needs if they believe…. how do you know that it isn’t you that God has provided to be an answer to their prayer? Or do you believe the hand of God is going to come down from Heaven and provide for their needs? Come on my dear Christians… WE ARE the hands of God! We are Gods answered prayers to those who cross our paths and are in need. WE ARE the blessing God has provided. So why do so many of us just walk away?

I am by no means the perfect Christian, but I am aware of my downfalls and failures and I truly do my best to live life the way God wants me to live. I try to always follow what God places in my heart but sometimes I fail to understand exactly what it is He needs me to do.

When God first placed it in my heart to get rid of all my comforts and set out on a journey to live in a van without much of an income, I ignored it for a very long time. I was miserable and depressed, searching for a way to fit into a society that often rejected me because of my disability. But that urging continued in my heart and just kept getting so strong that I could no longer deny it. I took that leap of faith along with my fiance Scott and started living and traveling in a van with very little income. It has turned out to be the greatest blessing in my life.

I don’t really know what God’s purpose for me is living this lifestyle, but I know He has a purpose for me. We live with very little comforts and very little income, but I have never been happier in my life with the exception of the birth of my three sons God blessed me. I do know God has blessed me with the gift of photography and writing and perhaps it is His intention that I show people the beauty of this world He created for us. Perhaps, I am meant to bring people to Him by bringing the world to them and showing them how much He loves us by giving us this beautiful world we live in. No matter what His intentions are for me, I am just ready to follow wherever He leads me. Nope, I may not always fit in but…

I do love my God and believe in Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, but I am not going to preach about my Love and faith to you… I am going to inspire you to believe for yourself through this life God has blessed me with. Is it an easy life? Oh heck no! We are often hungry, have made many mistakes in figuring out our finances, physical pain is a constant, and there are always challenges to overcome. But, I truly love this life and the joy it has given me. To society, I am just a nobody but to God, I am somebody and I put my trust Him completely. Even as I write this article, I feel just an overflow of joy.

Everytime that I watch a sunrise coming up behind a hill, mountain, fields, or desert… I am filled with awe and amazement. Every sunset that I have seen I can hear God whispering to me “Good night my child, I love you and will watch over you” as I feel his kiss upon my soul. The beauty of our world is God’s gift to us if we can just slow down long enough to see it, to experience it and to feel it. I think I see this world with the beauty that God intended me to see it so I can share it with others. This is God’s gift to all of us.

As Christians and as humans with whatever higher power you believe in, the beauty and miracles that surround us everyday in this world should inspire us to rise above the greed, jealousies, hatred, and judgments that have become part of our everyday life. We all came into this world in the same way and let’s face it… none of us are leaving this world alive. But what we do with our life today I do believe will determine where our next life will be regardless of what your beliefs are.

Do I believe in Heaven? Yes, I do. But I also believe that God will reassign our souls back into this world in order to continue His message of Love. That is the meaning and purpose of every new life born into this world. We are God’s message of Love and His gift of life is an opportunity to bring the lost to Him by being an example of His love for us.

I am proud to be a Christian and will continue to live as an example of God’s love and grace for us. I will not preach it or force you to believe in Him. I can only show you His love the best way I know how to do. Two things we all possess that we can give away and does not cost anything is our love and our time. Money isn’t the answer to everything…. but love is. We all want to experience love, peace, joy, and happiness but it all begins with each one of us. Too often we allow fear, distrust, and misconceptions stop us from being a blessing to others. The cycle of human negativity can come to an end if we invest the time to make it happen. It won’t happen overnight as we are already conditioned to think and react in certain ways. But every small step taken will eventually lead to joy and love that springs up from inside of you.

I am a Christian of many beliefs. I am all about any religion that teaches us to love one another and live peacefully. I believe our soul is connected to this earth as we have been created from the very dust God gave man the breath of life. This is why I feel so much peace living out in nature. My soul is connected to this world God created for us. We are all connected to this earth through His love for us. But it is up to each one of us to find our way and help others find their way. This is my purpose, sharing God’s love for us by capturing the beauty of this world that He gave us. It is truly a beautiful world… It is God’s amazing gift to us.


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I am a freelance Photographer, Artist, writer and I love sharing the beauty of the world around us through all of my work. I am also a self-proclaimed old hippie. I love my life on the road and it is through my travels that I can bring you amazing photographs and art. My photography reflects my time on the road having worked in Yellowstone National Park, The Grand Tetons and Death Valley National Park. I also spent a winter in Quartzsite Arizona. I love being surrounded by the beauty of nature and sharing that beauty with everyone. Keep checking on my work because I will continually bring you more amazing photographs from all over. My artwork is always uniquely freehand and colorful. There is no rhyme or reason to my patterns. My hand draws whatever feels right. At times I will take one of my hand created artwork and change it digitally. I try to make my work into conversation pieces or work that leaves you wondering. The meaning of my art is anything you need it to mean.I will continually be adding more new pieces of art so be sure not to miss out on any of my work. I hope you enjoy my work. Keep living a life of freedom that overflows with Peace, Love and Happiness! Be sure not to miss out on any new additions. Add me as a friend on my facebook page where I will be updating daily new additions: https://www.facebook.com/mistyck.moon.16

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